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RickkMurray's News

Posted by RickkMurray - July 27th, 2015



6 years ago I released a flash animation called Abnormality. Last year me and a friend of mine got together and re-wrote the series. 4 months ago I got down and started bringing that idea to life. Now after so long the series is approaching its release...wait....Now after so long the series is approaching its launch.


Although I want to keep the story a bit of a secret for now, Its a super powers series. So if you like people with powers then this show may be just what your looking for.


Abnormality Chapter 1 part 1 is completed. However I will not be launching it publicly until I finish the Abnormality Official trailer. Which is kind of like the 'red' trailer for Rwby or the pilot episode for Abnormality. To tickle your fancy here's a sneek preview of the Official trailer (see video below).


To help fund the show I'll be releasing a patreon at the same time the trailer is released as well as putting the OST up onto bandcamp for purchase (since I write all the music). Shirts are already up for grabs at Spreadshirt and more to come when I get the time.


The show will be released on Newgrounds and youtube at the same time. Depending on the episode Newgrounds will get the uncencord version.


I'm looking forward to releasing this show and hope you'll enjoy it when it's released ;)



Posted by RickkMurray - December 16th, 2014



Production Information

Abnormality is just leaving Pre-Production and is now entering Production (animating the shots together). This episode is rather Dialogue heavy so casting for the characters in this episode is now on its way (add 'you don't say' meme).


  • Decent Microphone
  • Skype account (I direct voice actors via skype call)

About the show

Abnormality is set in a world where a few people are born with powers (also known as Abnormalities). Most Abnormalities don't even know they have powers. There are 5 levels of Abnormalities. A level 1 means they have 1 ability which is normally very weak (eg telekinesis at %10 of their physical strength and very short range). Level 2 is when they have a 2nd abilities and their first ability is stronger. Each abnormality starts at level 1 and as they age gain more levels. Most get as far as level 3. Those who manage to reach level 4 will eventually end up as a level 5. Once they reach level 5 they stop aging. Their first ability becomes their strongest.

Rolls up for grabs

To those cast in this episode you'll be playing as military characters. There is also the high chance I'll end up using you for future rolls in the series.

Soldier 1 *
Soldier 2 *
Doctor (Casted: Nate Kupisz)

* = These roles are strictly Australian. You don't have to be Australian but you'll need to have the accent. Click here to listen to the accent. Click here to watch how not to sound. You are welcome to give your own spice and accent a try for the other rolls (Doctor, driver ect)

Audition Lines

Please note. These lines are rough guides. You are more than welcome to mix it up a bit and say what flows better for you. For example "what the hell is going on out there" you can change it to "the fuck is going out there?". So long as the sentence's meaning is the same you are free to change. If you do change the lines a bit please at least send one take that is word for word.

Soldier 1 and soldier 2
Irritated/ annoyed . "Look mate, say what you want but I know what I saw".
Scared/to self . "What the hell is going on out there?".

Irritated/frustrated . "you know this would be much easier if you 2 would SHUT UP for a second"
Happy . "you boys catch the game last night?"

Bored/tired . "So there they go, at each others throats again. God they'll never shut up now"
Concerned . "radio in, I'd like to know what the hell is going on"

Happy/tired . "well looks like those 2 have something to talk about"
Worried . "you think driving into the dark is a good idea?"

Concerned . "I can see it from here, gather your men and fall back to base"
Dominating . "Everyone reduce your speed by 10 and distance yourselves. Last thing I want is a collision"

Concerned . "There's something up a head sir, do we stop?"
Ordering . "Open fire OPEN FIRE!!!"



  • Save each line out as mp3 or Wav
  • Title your Audition lines as "*your name*_*the roll you're Auditioning for*_Abnormality_*line number*"
  • Zip your Audition lines in a Zip or RAR file please with your name as the folder
  • Submit to nightbirdanimations@gmail.com
  • subject email as 'Abnormality Auditions'
  • You may include your voice acting reel or previous work if you wish 

DUE DATE IS 1/1/2015 EST. Please post a reply when you've sent your Audition thanks 

Posted by RickkMurray - September 14th, 2014

Animation Charity Livestream with Betsy Lee and Hikarian Animations


This month on the 27th I'll be doing an animated livestream with the gorgeous Betsy Lee and the kawai Hikarian Animations. The stream will be the 3 of us working on an animated short from start to finish. Our goal is to complete the animation and raise $1,000 for Cure Cancer Australia.

We'll be giving out various prizes during the stream such as signed prints, T-shirts, stuff and stuff (we're still decided). Not only that but for each Milestone we hit we'll be doing random stuff. For example Betsy will sing, I will play piano, Betsy will play (some whistle thing), Hikarian Animations and myself will sing (but that's if we hit the goal) and stuff and stuff (yea...still deciding).


Please help us out by sharing with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, Bebo, Facebook, MSN Messenger, Newgrounds, skype, fuck me the list goes on.

You can RSVP on the streaming channel here



Posted by RickkMurray - March 24th, 2014

League Of Legends Lux Lore


I'm currently working on an animated short based about the champion Lux from league of legends. The story orbits around how lux could have discovered her abilities. The animation has just recently come out of pre-production and is now currently in production.

The soundtrack I've written and created myself. Its still in the making but so far I'm liking how it sounds. You can check out the demo version here


You can follow me on DeviantArt as I'll be posting production notes/sketches over there. Click here to follow.

here's a preview of what has been made in 2 days (opening sequence is missing)


Posted by RickkMurray - May 28th, 2013


After Over a year and the series returns

I've locked the doors and sealed myself away from the break of light (not really) to bring you guys Ricks Minecraft tales season 2. Something I hope I can bring you weekly. The first episode of season 2 will be the longest. the following episodes will only contain 3-4 skits (so I can reach the 1 episode a week time frame).

I hope you'll enjoy the show ;)

for updates please be sure to like my facebook page

Ricks Minecraft Tales returning

Posted by RickkMurray - May 28th, 2013


Posted by RickkMurray - May 19th, 2012

I've been getting a lot of pms from people asking if they can use any of my sound tracks in their projects. To save people the time (since I never check my NG PMs these days) you are more than welcome to use any of my music in your stuff, there's just one thing I ask in return. Credit me & send a pm linking me to your project I'd love to check it out :).

In other news. I'm now currently working on a weekly project called Ricks League Of Legends Tales which you can check out here.


Q. What Programs do you use?
For my 2d animations I use Adobe Flash and After effects for my 3D I use Blender (however I'd prefer 3D Max). For audio I use audacity to record voices and sound effects. For music I use FL Studios.

Q. How long dose it take for you to make an animation?
It really depends on the animation, most the time I can create a 1 minute animation in about 3-4 days, However now days since I do a lot of Frame by Frame animations it can take up to 2 weeks.

Q. Whos that girl in your Videos?
She's my partner Nancy Huang, and yes she's a girl gamer.

Q. When Is the RMCT7 coming out?
At this time I can't give you an exact date. But it is coming out. Most people wanted a longer episode so I'm making RMCT7 the longest episode by far. I'm making it longer because so many people donated to help keep me animating.

Q. Why do the creepers look like dicks?
because they are :P

Q. Did all that stuff really happen to you?
Yes, including the giant squid and random exploding chicken....okay maybe not that but most the stuff did :P

There will be a video version of these FAQs on my channel some point in the next week or to.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported the channel in every way. No way in a million years did I expect to hit over 7million video views and a bucket ton of supporters. It means absolutely a lot and this experience will be with me till the day I die. So for now I say take care and hope you'll enjoy my future animations.

PS. Spammers comments will be removed, please keep the comment section clean.

RickkMurray FAQ

Posted by RickkMurray - August 19th, 2011

Syndacite Prologue

No that is not a spelling error its the name of a large ship. Syndacite was one of my first flash stories I wanted to tell back in 2006. Of cause my animation skills were just starting so the quality of it was very...Fugly.

On May 2006 I released Syndacite Chapter 1 part 1 on youtube. This was my very first flash/3D animation.
Watch it here

one year later I remade it again this time setting it after the video on youtube. It can be found here on my first NG channel. Chapter 2 followed the story one year later.
Watch it here

This year I've gone back in and have decided to tell the story again. This time telling it from the center onwards and fill in the gabs as we go along. This will not only make it easier to make, but also cut away episodes.

The main difference from the first 3 is that my animation skills have improved. I have a video preview of whats been made so far in the past 4 days. I make a round 1 shot a day.

Posted by RickkMurray - July 30th, 2011

Ricks Minecraft Tales 2

After finishing Ricks Minecraft tales and getting a lot of requests for a 2nd one. I've decided to make one up for you guys. However its taking so long due to university. The study load has reached Max so its really hard to get it done faster than normal (it would have been out already if I had the time). None the less, I do work on it as much as I can.

I am also planning on making a League Of Legends parody which I'll call 'Ricks League of Legends tales'...or something in that direction.

In the mean time I haven't got a lot of likes on my Facebook page so if possible like it...and tell your friends to like it...as well as your cats and/or dogs to like it...or even your fish.
Visit my Facebook page

I can't give you an exact date on WHEN I can get it out...but my work load will loosen up after next week. Anyway thanks for the support everyone and keep it safe ;)

Ricks Minecraft tales 2 (JOIN FACEBOOK PAGE)

Posted by RickkMurray - July 11th, 2011

Transformers 3 Darkside of the moon is an animated parody I created...kind of to review the movie. So its a parody that really reviews the movie. I'm not a big fan of the 3rd movie.

Now this was intended for Robot day but I submitted this a little to early.

anyway Enjoy


Watch in Spanish