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I'm so happy you came back to animating again man :D, This was really well done. Yes there is room for improvement but not in the way you may think. Still I loved the overall composition of this. keep up the amazing work man ;)

That was stupidly awesome. The transition from super 8bit to slightly 8bit to 3d cell shaded was *bows*. The only little thing I can nit pick at is the sound effects (volume wise some sounds seemed really quiet when it would have sounded better slightly louder and vice versa). But again I'm nit picking here and it did not detract from the over all enjoyment of this project.

Hope you guys create more ;)

Jason-H responds:

D'oh. I still need to work on sound and getting better VO. Thanks though!

the chini

lol just to point out this is mostly legit. still funny as hell

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very simple concept and would do well on mobile. Only downside is (and this is just me not the games fault) I got dizzy as shight playing this.
If there's one thing I think this games needs to improve on it would have to be the audio (since its lacking) and maybe some more colour? aside from that fun game ;)

nice game

This was actually pretty fun. Only complaint is the glitch that can end up killing a player. I noticed sometimes when a monster would make it to the wall, I would have to empty out a shit load of ammo and grads. There were a few other glitches in the graphics but none to destroy game play.

Keep up the great work ;)


not bad...I think you should atleast have a congratz screen or something at the end in stead of. Play Again xD

JoeStunna responds:

Yeah, that was something I planned on doing, but it wasn't a requirement for the assignment, so I left it out. lol I would someday like to add different levels too.

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woah...rock on man that's great ;) love the Guitar riff ;)

this is awesome I LOVE IT. so downloaded and added to my itunes list. I've also adverted this on my facebook page :)

I liked

Nice work...also on one of my fave theme songs (despite me having like 100 fave theme songs)...keep up the awesome work ;)

r4bbit responds:


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