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Super Powers Series preview

2015-07-27 22:07:41 by RickkMurray



6 years ago I released a flash animation called Abnormality. Last year me and a friend of mine got together and re-wrote the series. 4 months ago I got down and started bringing that idea to life. Now after so long the series is approaching its release...wait....Now after so long the series is approaching its launch.


Although I want to keep the story a bit of a secret for now, Its a super powers series. So if you like people with powers then this show may be just what your looking for.


Abnormality Chapter 1 part 1 is completed. However I will not be launching it publicly until I finish the Abnormality Official trailer. Which is kind of like the 'red' trailer for Rwby or the pilot episode for Abnormality. To tickle your fancy here's a sneek preview of the Official trailer (see video below).


To help fund the show I'll be releasing a patreon at the same time the trailer is released as well as putting the OST up onto bandcamp for purchase (since I write all the music). Shirts are already up for grabs at Spreadshirt and more to come when I get the time.


The show will be released on Newgrounds and youtube at the same time. Depending on the episode Newgrounds will get the uncencord version.


I'm looking forward to releasing this show and hope you'll enjoy it when it's released ;)




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2015-08-17 16:51:51

Maybe I didn't see it, but, what happened with the male voice auditions?
By the by, this video and sound tracks are awesome