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I'm so happy you came back to animating again man :D, This was really well done. Yes there is room for improvement but not in the way you may think. Still I loved the overall composition of this. keep up the amazing work man ;)

Sinmara Saga Sinmara Saga

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was stupidly awesome. The transition from super 8bit to slightly 8bit to 3d cell shaded was *bows*. The only little thing I can nit pick at is the sound effects (volume wise some sounds seemed really quiet when it would have sounded better slightly louder and vice versa). But again I'm nit picking here and it did not detract from the over all enjoyment of this project.

Hope you guys create more ;)

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Jason-H responds:

D'oh. I still need to work on sound and getting better VO. Thanks though!

C.L.A.P. 2 : Words C.L.A.P. 2 : Words

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the chini

lol just to point out this is mostly legit. still funny as hell

FAUX - Chapter 5 FAUX - Chapter 5

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wow what a jump

From basic slides to a fully animated feature. This was rather well done. and the animation was pretty freaking kewl as well. There's no need for me to comment on the graphics. Keep up the great work looking forward to the next chapter.


Swingers Episode 1 Swingers Episode 1

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wow its been a while

wow its been qutie the while since I've seen a series on newgrounds that has me going...I want more

Happiness is a warm gun Happiness is a warm gun

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not bad

not bad on your art and stuff...But the looks of it I think you have a bunch of still image shots flicking past. Thats, not really the best way to work with flash. My I suggest converting the image sequence into a move file (can be done using After Effects).
This way the frame rate wont lag so much on our end. However don't stop there keep up the great work, I can see a lot of potential in your work.
PS...was I watching a porno or something xD

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evilblackcat13 responds:

ok!! i'll take your suggestions.... and no... you weren't watching porn...